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September 23, 2009

Wealth for everybody! How the Left Party wooes voters

NOT LONG AGO, I posted a sort of photo essay on Europe’s most bizarre political posters. I had great fun researching it, and some of the posters still make me snicker today. But none of them provoke the belly laughs I get on my way to the office every morning. As I hike down Berlin’s Torstrasse and turn onto Tucholskystrasse, this election poster from Germany’s Left Party pops up at least three times in my line of vision:

Reichtum fuer alle

“Wealth for all!” Left Party whip Gregor Gysi promises me. How wonderful! So what if Gysi is an ex-communist lawyer who was formerly employed by the East German “Socialist Unity [Communist] Party” and allegedly cooperated closely with the Stasi to spy on the dissidents he was supposed to be defending? We’ve put all that behind us. What Gysi is promising sounds like pre-Depression Herbert Hoover and “Kingfish” Huey Long (“Every Man a King”), all rolled up together with a hint of Robespierre and Trotsky into a shiny red package…