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June 3, 2010

Sweden locks down on “Everyone Draw Mohammed Day”

GLOBALIZATION CAN BE A wonderful – and a terrifying – thing. On “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” yesterday, the Pakistani government blocked both Facebook and Youtube, and the Swedish government closed its Islamabad embassy – all because the American TV series “South Park” presented the Prophet Mohammed in a bear suit and a Swedish artist called Lars Vilks published a caricature of him as a dog, prompting a wave of death threats as well as physical attacks against Vilks’s person and his home. Government spokesmen in Stockholm did not provide a specific reason for the embassy closure, pointing instead to “the general security situation in Pakistan.” In Lahore, demonstrators trampled Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian flags, demanding that Pakistan break off diplomatic relations with the three Scandinavian nations. The diplomatic lockdown appears to be a reasonable precaution: two years ago a suicide bomber killed…


September 24, 2009

The Swiss take aim at “the Islamist threat”

Anti-Minaret Initiative
Logo of the Swiss “Anti-Minaret Initiative”

SWITZERLAND OWES ITS INTERNATIONAL reputation to its watches, bank accounts, chocolate, and the Matterhorn, but now it is gaining a name for itself in another area as well: as a bulwark against Muslim expansion in Europe. On November 29 the country is holding a nationwide referendum concerning the construction of mosques on Swiss territory. But a controversial political poster is already raising temperatures in this land of Alpine glaciers and pristine ski resorts.

Stop. [Vote] Yes to the minaret ban.”

The offending placard is the product of the “Anti-Minaret Committee,” an initiative that seeks to anchor a proposed ban on the construction of minarets in the Swiss constitution. The poster shows a veiled woman standing against a backdrop of missile-like minarets shooting out of the Swiss flag…