Don’t like separation of Church and State? Come to Germany!

THE TEXAS BOARD OF Education has repeatedly captured the headlines in recent months for its attempts to rewrite American history – and even reality itself – by imposing strict ideological guidelines on the Lone Star State’s school textbooks. These guidelines include deemphasizing Thomas Jefferson as a Founding Father because of his promotion of the separation of church and state. I suppose they are within their rights in doing so, but first let me suggest that if American religious conservatives came to Germany, they might come away with a realization that old Thomas J. was a good deal smarter than they give him credit for.

Time are getting tough in Germany now that the federal government in Berlin has passed an unprecedented austerity program, with cuts amounting to over 11 billion Euros by next year. State and local governments are following the capital’s lead. It seems like everything is going to be chopped down to size…



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