Heads up! Muslim protesters attack Swedish cartoonist

Controversial Swedish artist Lars Vilks

WATCH OUT, AIR PASSENGERS! Islamic terrorists have hit upon a new and ingenious weapon: human heads. Their own, in fact. And this impacts not only everyone’s security, but our press freedom as well.

Last night at the University of Upsala, 63-year-old Swedish artist Lars Vilks turned up to present a film about a new art project of his regarding religion and press freedom. Witnesses described the atmosphere in the packed lecture hall as “extremely aggressive.” Expecting trouble, a dozen police officers stood at attention nearby, standard procedure for the controversial artist’s appearances ever since he published a caricature of the prophet Mohammed in the form of a dog in the Swedish newspaper Nerikes Allehanda in August of 2007. The officers painstakingly checked the briefcases and knapsacks of all 260 spectators. When Vilks finally entered the hall, about twenty men and women started shouting at him. “Swine!” one man called out. Another yelled: “You are a failed artist!” Vilks proceeded to take photos of the demonstrators with his cell phone, provoking them even further…



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