Notorious Bavarian school assassin gets nine years in prison

Would-be school assassin Georg R. at his sentencing in Ansbach today

IT WAS GOING TO be the crime of the century. 18-year-old Georg R. had studied previous school massacres, particularly Columbine and Germany’s Erfurt bloodbath of 2002, in detail. All he wondered was: “Why not wipe out the entire school?” His plan: burn his high school to the ground, “roast children,” and kill as many teachers – “these maggots,” as he called them – in the process. He himself would die in a glorious shower of police bullets and become a media legend, inspiring similar assaults in the future. If Georg ultimately failed in this project, it was not due to poor planning on his part but to the efficiency of the German police.

Georg planned his deed down to the smallest detail…



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