Happy 90th birthday, Richard von Weizsäcker!

Former German President Richard von Weizsäcker, born on April 15, 1920

“PITY THE LAND THAT needs heroes,” Bertolt Brecht once wrote. But today, on the ninetieth birthday of former West German president Richard von Weizsäcker, I think I’m entitled to say: “Envy the land that produces – and honors – great statesmen.”

Richard von Weizsäcker was born on the run in a side wing of the former Württemberg royal palace in Stuttgart. His mother and his diplomat father had been forced to flee Berlin with the rest of the Reich government just a few weeks earlier in the face of the failed right-wing Kapp Putsch against the struggling Weimar Republic…



One Comment to “Happy 90th birthday, Richard von Weizsäcker!”

  1. I have no time for this man, because I consider him an elitist, fascist pig.

    In case anyone wonders why, it is because some years ago, when a reporter asked him why he was against a referendum for the German people to decide whether to join the EU or not, he responded that big decisions like that could not or should not be left to ordinary people.

    Thus, the German people were railroaded into the New World Order concentration camp known as the European Union, without even being allowed a say. I guess that members of the parasitic elites like Weizsäcker didn’t want to run the risk of Germans refusing to join the EU, as – to their credit – the Swiss did.

    Consequently, Switzerland is now an island of freedom and democracy amid the ocean of corruption in which the member states have been assigned a star of David on the blue EU flag, swimming on its blue background much like the stars and other symbols in an alphabet soup.

    Weizsäcker and the other members of the crime syndicate he represents can rot in hell for all I care.

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