EU: Air passengers to pay for nude scanning “privileges”

SURPRISE, SURPRISE! NOT ONLY is the European Union introducing so-called nude scanners at most or all of its international airports, it also intends to make passengers pay for the privilege of doing a virtual striptease before uniformed strangers. (I have already written about the nude scanners here and here.) That is the upshot of a meeting of EU transportation ministers held in Brussels today. The “backscatter full-body scanners” cost up to €100,000 ($136,000) each, which makes them far too expensive for airports to finance by themselves and also too expensive for strapped national budgets. Germany’s transportation minister Peter Ramsauer told reporters that “it is a rather odd philosophy to saddle the governments with everything. … The ordinary taxpayer can’t assume all these costs [because] it contradicts cost-transparency and cost-reflectiveness. And I’m saying that as a trained businessman.” The ministers have not yet decided how much each scan should cost, but they have agreed the price should be made equal across Europe.

Brussels has yet to decide whether the scanners should be required at all European airports…



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