Euroskeptic wants Europe’s president “put out to grass”

European Council President Herman van Rompuy

LAST NOVEMBER, WHEN I wrote a post on the appointment of Herman van Rompuy as President of the European Council and the de facto first leader of united Europe, I made some ironic comments about the man’s… shall we say, aura. At least I was polite about it. The same cannot be said for right-wing European Parliament Member Nigel Farage of the anti-EU United Kingdom Independence Party, who really had a go at President van Rompuy at the man’s first official appearance today in front of the Brussels assembly. Farage started out by saying that when the Parliament set about appointing its first President last fall, he had been under the impression that the new leader was going to be “a giant global figure” and a “political leader for 500 million people” who would well deserve a higher salary than U.S. President Barack Obama. “But I’m afraid all we got was you,” Farage said to the pale, bespectacled Belgian bureaucrat…



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