When bishops drink and drive

THE WOMAN WAS CLEARLY blotto. The policeman who had just pulled the fifty-one year-old off the road late Saturday night after she raced through a red light at high speed picked up the tell-tale stench the moment she rolled down the window. No doubt about it: the breathalyzer registered 1.54 – the equivalent of an entire bottle of wine consumed in less than an hour (the legal driving limit is 0.5). Now she’ll have to pay a high fine and lose her driving license for a year. This would be embarrassing enough for an ordinary citizen, but it is nothing short of humiliating for a Protestant cleric. And this is not just any cleric, but Margot Kässmann, the Right Reverend Bishop of Hanover and Chair of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany, the recently elected spokeswoman for twenty-five million German Protestants…



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