Preaching to the converted: The Tebows’ Philippine mission

 Tebow FamilyThe Tebow Family:
Doing the Lord’s work in a “howling wilderness”

THE WEEKS OF CONTROVERSY preceding the thirty-second Tim and Pam Tebow anti-abortion ad during the 2010 Super Bowl has drawn national attention to the “Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association,” which Tim’s father Bob established in the Philippines in 1985. According to the organization’s website, Tebow and his wife Pam founded the project “with the mission to take the gospel to those who have never heard and plant Bible believing churches where previously there were no churches.” We learn that Bob, Pam, and their five children lived in the Philippines from 1985 to 1990, “preaching the gospel, planting churches, and establishing a staff of Filipino national evangelists, which now number 52. In addition to training the BTEA staff, Bob also began holding seminars and conferences to train local Filipino pastors.” Current projects include an orphanage, a boat ministry to isolated islands, and “a plan to preach the gospel in every barangay [village] in the Philippines.” It sounds as if they have their work cut out for them. After all, Mr. Tebow tells us, “[i]n a country of 92,000,000, it is estimated that over 65,000,000 Filipinos have never once heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

These certainly are chilling statistics – until you pause to consider…



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