Incident at Munich airport humiliates safety officials

A RECENT ANTI-AIRPORT security demonstration by the Pirate Party at three German airports, in which several dozen young people took off their clothes to express their anger over the imminent introduction of so-called “nude scanners” that can virtually strip air travelers naked at security checkpoints, was based around the slogan “Security is an illusion.” An incident at Munich’s international airport today underscores the truth of that statement.

At 3:30 p.m. Central European time a passenger arrived at the security checkpoint in Munich’s Terminal 2 carrying only a laptop computer. As he went through the standard security check, which is provided by a private contractor, a sensor picked up possible traces of explosives in or on the device. When the security official asked the passenger to step aside for a more thorough examination, he grabbed the computer and ran directly into the secure zone of the airport. The German Federal Police, which is responsible for general airport security, immediately shut down the terminal and sent forty officers, many of them with shepherd dogs, into the secure zone…



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