Al-Qaeda: “An attack on Germany is tempting”


WHENEVER BERLIN’S POLICEMAN START wearing bullet-proof vests and carrying submachine guns, you can tell there’s trouble brewing. This time the reason is clear: On September 25, just two days before the parliamentary election, both al-Qaeda and the Taliban threatened Germany with an attack within the next two weeks if it does not immediately withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.

One of the video messages is from Osama Bin Laden personally. It shows an image of the al-Qaeda leader along with a voiceover with German subtitles saying that “Europeans should learn from the mistakes of others.” Bin Laden goes on to say in this five minute-long warning that the killing of civilians in Afghanistan is an act of great injustice, “and justice demands that you halt this injustice and remove your soldiers.”

Bin Laden
Osama bin Laden addresses Europe:
“Learn from the mistakes of others”

The Taliban video features images of German landmarks and politicians, suggesting targeted terrorist attacks and assassinations. “Your operation here against Islam makes an attack on Germany tempting for us mujahedeen,” a Taliban in the video states. A third video features 31 year-old German-Moroccan Islamist Bekkay Harrach, a high-ranking member of Al Qaeda, who warns from his hiding place on the Afghan-Pakistani border…



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