The Swiss take aim at “the Islamist threat”

Anti-Minaret Initiative
Logo of the Swiss “Anti-Minaret Initiative”

SWITZERLAND OWES ITS INTERNATIONAL reputation to its watches, bank accounts, chocolate, and the Matterhorn, but now it is gaining a name for itself in another area as well: as a bulwark against Muslim expansion in Europe. On November 29 the country is holding a nationwide referendum concerning the construction of mosques on Swiss territory. But a controversial political poster is already raising temperatures in this land of Alpine glaciers and pristine ski resorts.

Stop. [Vote] Yes to the minaret ban.”

The offending placard is the product of the “Anti-Minaret Committee,” an initiative that seeks to anchor a proposed ban on the construction of minarets in the Swiss constitution. The poster shows a veiled woman standing against a backdrop of missile-like minarets shooting out of the Swiss flag…



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