How Pat Buchanan is rehabilitating Hitler

Nazi soldier executing Polish civilians:
Was it all Britain’s  fault…?

WHEN PAT BUCHANAN’S RECENT op-ed piece commemorating the seventieth anniversary of the beginning of World War II hit newspapers on September 1, those of us who follow such things largely assumed it was merely a delusional but marginal essay that would quickly slip under the radar to a well-deserved oblivion. As the days pass, however, “Did Hitler want war?” has taken on a life of its own and can be found splattered all across the Internet, garnering over 6,000 Google hits and counting. When I posted my own retrospective on the Polish invasion for OS that same day, I did so in the hope that we had all finally put the debates of past decades behind us. Instead, Buchanan’s piece demonstrates that in many people’s minds “Case White” (the Nazis’ codename for the invasion) is as wide open as ever.

Buchanan’s basic argument in the piece (essentially a digest of his recent book Churchill, Hitler and ‘The Unnecessary War,’ which is itself a rehash of A.J.P. Taylor’s Origins of the Second World War from 1961) is that the German invasion of Poland and the ensuing Second World War with its tens of millions of deaths were not the consequence of Adolf Hitler’s own policies but rather the fault of the British, French, and Polish governments…



One Comment to “How Pat Buchanan is rehabilitating Hitler”

  1. I found his argument made in “Churchill, Hitler and The Unnecessary War” deeply offensive morally, as well in the manipulation of historic fact.

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