East German doping scandal refuses to die

Oral Turinabol


THE PROTEST WAS INTENDED to be low-key. Victims of East Germany’s state-run doping program merely stood at the entrance to Berlin’s Olympic Stadium and passed out thousands of purple cardboard “glasses” to spectators of the 2009 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics bearing the words “Ich will das nicht sehen” (awkwardly translated as “I don’t want to see cheats”). In fact, the action looked downright harmless, which made the enraged reaction by German discus throwing champion Robert Harting on August 18 all the harder for many guests to understand. “I hope,” Harting told a press conference, “that when I throw my discus it’ll head straight for those glasses, and then they won’t see anything anymore.”

ich will das nicht sehen

Outside the IAAF World Championships in
Athletics at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium

The protesters don’t just have Harting spewing threats, but have upset Germany’s entire sports establishment. And yet, it wasn’t originally meant to be this way. Twenty years ago, these athletes were not passing out cardboard glasses. No, back then they were the ones standing proudly on the winners’ podium receiving medals. A lot of medals. But today, in their thirties, forties, and fifties, they are instead receiving treatment for a whole range of ailments, ranging from sterility, hormonal dysfunction, asthma, diabetes, chronic joint and back pain to heart disease and kidney failure. And they want the world to know about it. …



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