Nazi sex gynoids

…and why we still need them

Franz Tschakert and his "Woman of Glass" (1936)

Franz Tschakert and his "Woman of Glass" (1936)

SAY WHAT YOU LIKE about SS leader Heinrich Himmler, he sure had the well-being of his soldiers at heart. More than anything else, their physical happiness and sexual hygiene cost the diminutive Reichsführer countless hours of precious sleep. He had already received far too many reports of SS men and regular soldiers succumbing to syphilis and gonorrhea in the unwholesome brothels of Paris and Poland, and the army’s own mobile “field brothels” were costly and woefully overextended. Why not use true Aryan ingenuity to come up with a “final solution” to one of the oldest problems of warfare?

Himmler found his man in the technician Franz Tschakert, the creator of the celebrated “Woman of Glass” model for the Dresden Hygiene Museum. According to research by the German journalist Norbert Lenz, in early 1941 Tschakert and his team at the museum were put in charge of a top-secret “Reich project” to construct a fully functional, lifelike “gynoid” or sex doll called “Borghild” that could be mass produced like so many V-2 rockets to service soldiers in the field. The SS officer in charge was Dr. Joachim Mrurgowsky of the feared SS Institute. These Nordic-looking “galvanoplastical dolls” were to be manufactured out of special polymers developed by the IG Farben conglomerate and then dispatched to the front by the thousands in specially-designed “hygiene trailers” for the discreet use of Wehrmacht troopers. The SS held the technicians to the highest standards…


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